Looking for Sound Hire - Want the Best Auckland Equipment for Hire?


Are you looking for sound equipment? We serve a wide range of events from weddings, birthday parties, corporate events to large nightclubs and warehouse parties.

If you want to just connect a phone or laptop up to speakers and amp, wanting a PA for a certain event or a large PA system for a dance party, We have it all!

Contact  our devoted hire team guarantees you exceptional customer service!

What Sound Equipment Can I Rent?


We’re passionate about supplying you with all the sound equipment you need, no matter how big your event is or for how long you hire. Being in the AV equipment hire niche for well over a decade, we offer you quality professional equipment that will make your events memorable and exciting. 


We’re happy to offer you the following types of audio gear:


- Speakers and AMP - You can rent powerful speakers and amplifiers. We also provide all cables to suit your mixer. iPod and self-powered speakers are also available. 

- Wedding Ceremony Sound System - Nothing should spoil your wedding ceremony. We will never let you down with our perfect wedding equipment packages. 

- Subs & Bass Bins - Make the sound of your night club, music festival or event unforgettable with the quality subs and bass bins that produce rich low-frequency audio. 

- Microphones and Stands- We offer you a wide selection of professional microphones and stands for hire. Enjoy the best microphone hire with us!

- Mixers - We also offer modern mixers to meet every taste. Contact us to hire anything from a basic mixer to a multifunctional digital desk.

- DI - If you need a direct input unit to make it all work, hire our reliable DIs.


Looking for other Auckland Equipment not Listed?


Just a note that we have other gear that we don't list for rent due to listing what is mainly rented out so if we don't have what you need listed on our site, please ask us and more than likely we have it in stock such as 3phase, cable jackets, Audio, lighting and AV Vision products plus much more...


If your event requires more than just a PA for example you may need uplights, a stage, stage wash and band equipment, let us know and we can put together a package deal to suit your budget and at the same time make your event look good!


Sound Equipment Hire & Setup


We understand how important it is to have the right setup. No matter what equipment and for how long you rent, we always ensure that our equipment is set up to best meet your needs. Anyone can rent you gear but we make sure you rent want you need for your event at the right price.


We are always happy to help you choose appropriate equipment based on the venue type, size, and acoustics. Each function ot event space is most of the time a different setup. So we always ask all our customers questions about the space you are having your event in, number of people you are expecting, are you have a band, DJ or playing off a laptop or phone and what sort of music is being played which is most important as if you are playing Drum and Bass and you ask for speakers that won't do the job  and you will most likely blow them up so we will always make sure you have the right gear for your event!


What’s more, our audio technicians will not only deliver the equipment if need be but also set it up for you and do all the necessary sound checks. The last thing you need is when your using the Microphone you don't want any feedback happening during your event but we can also preset the mic's to stop the feedback which works 99% of the time!


So, contact us to enjoy the best equipment and devoted customer service across the country!