Event Stage Hire Auckland - Staging Equipment Hire


Need stage hire in Auckland? We’re happy to offer you a large variety of staging sizes for hire that will fully satisfy your needs. We offer only high-quality staging in a variety of sizes and heights. You can hire short- or long-term. No matter how long you rent, our team will be happy to deliver and set up the staging for you if need be. Call one our team today!

What Staging Equipment Can I Rent? 


We offer you portable staging equipment hire for your event. The stages are available in a variety of configurations to fit your needs. You just have to choose the stage size depending on your needs, and we’ll take care of all the rest. Our size of the stage sections are 1m x 2m and we also have 1m x 1m stage sections as well. If your not sure on the size and height of the stage you need for your event, talk to our knowledgeable staff who can advise you on what would work for you.


When you choose the size and height of a stage you need to factor in the following questions. How many poeple will be on the stage at one time? Will their be a lectern on stage? How many in the band? Is the drum kit a full set and does the drummer require a drum rise? How big is the dance crew performing? How many guest attending your event? What is the shape of the room? These are just a few questions to help you choose the right size stage for your event or function.


Our safe and easy-to-set-up portable stages are perfect  for any venue including schools and churches. These stages can be used for live performances, conferences, corporate and other events. Portable stages that you can rent from us are light weight, all easy to move, store and transport in case you need them for multiple events and consider long-term staging rental. 


Enjoy Quality Stage Hire Auckland


We’ve been renting stage equipment to theaters, schools, universities, and businesses for more than a decade. We strive to offer the best staging hire to you, which makes you happy with the equipment and services we provide. We offer different stage leg sizes from 300mm, 600mm and 700mm-900mm. All stages come a stage skirt and stairs.


Our expert team of technicians will not only deliver the staging for hire to your venue. They’ll also set the stage up and make sure it fully meets your expectations if you need us to. We approach the needs of our clients individually and are always ready to provide our best advice, support, and recommendations on how to get the most of staging hire with us. If you have any questions about hiring staging equipment from us, don’t hesitate to contact us online or by phone!