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At Auckland Sound Hire, we’re passionate about superb events! Our team has experience in creating and producing events ranging from product launches, conferences and exhibitions to corporate events and gala dinners. All of the events that we organize, no matter their budget, bear the creativity and professionalism we are known for. Contact us today for top event production services in Auckland!

Why Choose Us for Event Production Hire for Your Function or Event?

What Can We Offer to Make an Impression on your Target Audience?

We’re extremely passionate about all aspects of event production. Our core team has worked together for more than 12 years and now brings all their experience to every aspect of your event. Auckland Sound Hire team knows how to deal with such event production aspects as stage design, sound and lighting production, audio/visual, transport, logistics and, of course, health & safety. 

We will take your brand and ideas and bring them to life in ways which exceed expectations.

From the initial concept and brainstorming session, through to design and logistics, all culminating in an event you will never forget. We work closely with you at every step of the way, delivering on our promise of bringing your ideas to life.We work with you from the very start to create a design and style which not only fits your brief, but takes it a step further by enhancing it with an innovative edge.

When we work on event production, we ensure that everything is perfect from the technical side. Moreover, we take care to make sure that your guests are enjoying the event the way you want them to.

Event Production Hire, We Work Together With You as a team to tranfer Your Vision, Your Values, Making It Our Passion!

At Auckland Sound Hire, we know that good communication and coordination are paramount for event success. Our event production team will work closely with you all the way from your initial phone call, through the preparation, to the event’s fantastic implementation. 

Auckland Sound Hire team is proud to provide the best customer service, honest advice, and good value for the money you pay. Our experienced team knows all the aspects of event production inside-out. Working hand-in-hand with you, we’ll iron out all issues before they become problems. At no point in time will you feel disconnected from the budget, schedule, production plan, and those last-minute changes that come up.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team for the best event production hire in Auckland and across New Zealand. We’ll be happy to organize any kind of event for you and supply all the equipment you need. Go for our event production services and get all the event planning hassle out of your head!

Other Corporate AV & Production Services - Specialised event production services


Create full colour visuals  for your event

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Designed Event Production Providing Creative AV Event Solutions


We also offer a full design concept service, where we create full colour visuals  for your event showing how the main focus area will look, how the lighting will look, where the PA, stage and other props is situated and where the video screens will be located. Our design software is fully integrated CAD, plots, data, visualization and virtual show control. It features the largest CAD library with thousands of 3D objects you can choose from to design your entire show. Another feature is we can even create a 3D video fly through of the venue of what the setup will look like, adding another dimension look. This enables the client to follow the concept from the design stage through every step right up to final delivery. As well as 3D renders we can also create scaled event diagrams and floorplans. Our in-house designers, producers and technical teams can create full-scale event productions, technical installs and everything in-between. We design, create & produce a wide range of events for corporate & private clients, small or large.

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Create Something Special With Our AV Event Production Services