DJ Equipment


Are you searching for the best DJ gear for rent? We provide you with the most reliable and affordable DJ equipment hire in New Zealand! No matter whether you need just the dj mixer, or the full party set with sound, lighting and video equipment, we’re always ready to help. Our professional team will help you choose the best gear for hire that 100% meets your needs.

What DJ Equipment Can I Rent? 


From us, you can rent all the DJ equipment from the Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 inherits all the best features from its predecessor –the CDJ-2000NXS  – and takes a giant leap forward then take your performance to new heights with the DJM-900NXS2 mixer or the DJM-S9, the first two-channel battle mixer for Serato DJ Pro or go old school with the Technic's 1200 turntables for all you needs for parties, music festivals, events, and nightclubs.


We also have for rent propper DJ tables and DJ monitors which is always good to use as it is the propper height when you DJ and to have good DJ monitors that sound good when you are mixing. The DJ equipment that we offer combines high-end quality with an amazing array of features and jaw-dropping effects. That’s why our DJ gear we have, gives you full creative freedom and digital control at your fingertips. 


We offer you the following types of DJ equipment:


- DJ Mixers - We’re happy to offer you pro DJ mixers for short and long-term hire. You can hire such acclaimed DJ mixers as Pioneer DJM900 Nexus and Pioneer DJM900 Nexus 2.

- DJ Decks - We also offer you pro-grade DJ desks for hire. High-end Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus decks let you play music from multiple sources, including CD, DVD, USB, and SD memory cards.

Turntables - Hire direct-drive Technics turntables for quality cueing and beat-mixing at your next party. 

- DJ Tables - safe, stylish and convenient DJ tables together with other equipment to get the most of the DJ gear that you rent. 


Best DJ Equipment!


We devoted to offering you high-end professional DJ equipment for hire that won’t let you down. We offer you the the world’s most reputed brands such as Pioneer DJ , Technics and Rane just a few to mention, ensuring that you’re happy with the quality of the gear that you rent. What’s more, we frequently update our stock to ensure supplying you with the latest DJ gear for hire in available e.g Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus 2, Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus 2, Pioneer S9.


We take  customer satisfaction seriously. All the gear is well maintained and checked before it goes out to our customers making sure its all 100% fully working. We also can deliver the equipment to your door as an extra option for you. Moreover, our skilled technicians will set up the equipment for you and run all the necessary check-ups to make sure that our DJ equipment  works for you as expected also if need be.